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Suburban beach town with amazing beach and outdoor activities


Scarborough is a large, coastal town near Portland, Maine. Just minutes south of the metropolitan area, Scarborough is a suburban haven with high-quality schools and access to the untouched Maine wilderness. Scarborough ranks as one of the best places to live in Maine, with great real estate opportunities and a sophisticated commercial area. The famous rocky shoreline of Maine is just minutes away, serving some of the most picturesque beaches where you can relax on summer days. 

Scarborough residents enjoy the proximity to downtown Portland and having big city amenities close to home. There are several pockets of commercial areas running along US Highway 1 which traverses through the entire town. The commercial areas include large, name-brand stores along with local shops and family-run restaurants. Scarborough attracts people from all over the New England region. They are drawn by the peaceful way of life, proximity to the city, and countless nature activities. Scarborough is a gem in the Portland area. 



What to Love

  • Minutes from Maine wilderness 
  • Amazing beaches overlooking the rocky coast
  • Top-rated schools 
  • Proximity to Portland

Local Lifestyle

Residents of Scarborough enjoy local amenities, such as shopping, relaxing in the great outdoors, and visiting Downtown Portland for headlining entertainment. The summer season is the best time to enjoy the weather. When the sun shines through, locals head out to enjoy some of the best hiking trails in the United States. The trails are suitable for biking with the family or walking. History is celebrated, with many historical landmarks around the Scarborough and Portland area. The roots of maritime history in the region are unique to anywhere else along the Atlantic coast. Life in Scarborough is never boring. There are plenty of educational opportunities to soak in the local culture, along with perusing art at one of the many art shows in the region. Though there are events year-round, Christmas is the favorite time to come together as a community with festive markets and ice skating. 



Dining, Entertainment, & Shopping

With a strong local fishing and maritime economy, seafood is a vital part of the history and traditions of Scarborough. The local restaurants put their own spin on seafood and fine dining. For casual outdoor dining, Ken’s Place is a local mainstay. They serve seafood plates and lobster rolls. The Holy Donut is a popular breakfast and snack spot. You can swing by for a quick early morning pick-up or sit down for some quiet studying. O’Reilly’s Cure is a great dinner spot with a sophisticated atmosphere and polished American fare. It is a popular choice for date nights.  

The Scarborough community shares several shopping areas with neighboring towns. However, the residents support their local businesses also. Higgins beach market has handmade wares from local artists and artisans. They are a small roadside stand providing quick beach necessities for a day on the water and handcrafted goods for the home. Black Point Surf Shop has gear and rentals for water sports and surfing. 

Local artists perform at the Flaherty Family Farm, an events venue hosting summertime concerts, events, and shows. Residents also enjoy the unique entertainment opportunities in Portland and South Portland. 



Things to Do

With the Scarborough backyard being the great wilds of Maine, there is no shortage of amazing natural attractions to see and do in the region. Relaxing at the beach, soaking up the summer sun, is a popular pastime. Higgins, Pine Point, and Scarborough beaches are all family-friendly beaches with white sands, rocky shores, and crystal clear blue waters.

The backcountry provides fun outdoor activities also. At the salt-water marshes, you can spot wildlife, kayak, or do some fishing. It’s also very easy to enjoy the rich history of the area. The lighthouses are a great opportunity to learn about how explorers and the sea shaped the culture of Maine. Exploring the Scarborough area will never be boring, and there is always something to see and do.




Scarborough is served by the Scarborough School District



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